Tarot and Oracle Readings with Lyndsay

 Looking for a new perspective on your life or situation? 

Book an  intuitive tarot and oracle card reading with me.

Tarot Card Readings  

These can be done in  person over a cup of tea in my cozy office or via email.

 I will  share: an overall perspective of your current situation, the current  energies you're working through, deeper wisdom about these energies,  wisdom from your higher self, what these energies are trying to teach  you. I can also tailor your reading to life purpose, romance, past life, or general information - basically, whatever is most important to you. 

 You will receive an hour long reading or 5-7 written pages of  information specific to your current situation and  an ancient Vancouver  Isand beach stone that has been prayed over and charged with positive  energy just for you. 

The cost for this is $60.00. 

I am currently booking readings two months in advance so please be patient,

Contact me at to book.

Some of my recent testimonials from clients

"Just WOW. How amazing and really incredible. This past life reading just took my breath away. 

So much to absorb, I just wanted to thank you for your abilities."

"I can't thank you enough. This was not only accurate, but the write up you sent me has made a big difference in my life. You are the real thing."

 i loved this reading!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. Your offering and giftedness are appreciated."