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With over 20 years in the business of crisis, youth suicide prevention, bereavement, trauma, and police work, I had to find things that would bring me joy amidst the emotional pain felt by the people I work with.

I found my balance by entering online cooking competitions, changing my lifestyle, and deciding at this stage in the game to become a spoken word poet (oh yes I did!)

My keynotes bring audiences the wisdom of a rich career, sprinkled with an overarching belief that happiness is intentional and it is never too late to re-imagine your life.

My talks are designed to change the way audiences think about themselves and their lives - and to re-imagine the certainties they might have about the way things are or should be. 

My question is always: "Why not you?"

If you have a dream, a desire, or a way you would like to be in this world, what's holding you back? Or more importantly, why not you? Book me and let me help your audience find those answers. 

 "You are one of the most gifted and inspiring people I have ever encountered. Your talk and your poetry blew me away. Thank you for everything. In less than an hour you changed my life." 

- Comment from a recent conference attendee