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Thoughts about life, love, and intentional happiness.

Thoughts about life, love, and intentional happiness.



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Lyndsay is a talented reader who gets to the heart of the things standing in your way of living your best life.



Let Lyndsay show you how a plant based lifestyle will contribute to better health, vibrancy, youthfulness, and GLOW. 

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It's super easy to book. Just contact me at Lyndsaylwells@gmail.com

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 Lyndsay Wells is a speaker, writer, intuitive tarot reader, and vegan chef with a passion for helping people rediscover a sense of happiness and purpose for life.     Lyndsay began her professional career with the Royal Canadian Mounted  Police where, as the self proclaimed "second worst police officer in  Canadian policing history," she apologized to the first person she ever  arrested and ran over her partner's foot with an unmarked police car  before she made the decision to switch career paths.     She has  appeared on Food Network Canada, was the $20,000.00 winner of an online contest The Real Women of Philadelphia and entree host of the Real Women of Philadelphia website through Kraft Foods Canada in 2011. She  has been published in the International  Journal of Child Youth and Family Studies, has spoken at many  conferences, including the national conference for the Canadian  Association of Suicide Prevention, and created the highly successful  programs "Speak Out, Reach Out, Help Out" and GRASP (growth, resilience, acknowledgment, suicide awareness, preparation and safe planning ) that have been delivered to thousands of students,  grades 4-12, via The Crisis Society, in Vancouver Island School districts and beyond. When she's not cooking, speaking, or card reading, Lyndsay can be found in elementary and high schools all over Vancouver Island sharing her vision of love and self compassion with her favourite audiences: kids.



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