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with Lyndsay wells

with Lyndsay wells with Lyndsay wells

Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Healer, Empath

what is spirit whispering?


Spirit works overtime to try to get our attention in a myriad of ways. But the messages often come across as whispers... a song comes on the radio, or to mind, you have a burst of intuition that something or someone is just not right, you dream of a loved one after they have passed, you smell your grandfather's cologne years after being in his presence, you find pennies, or feathers, or have had inexplicable coincidences pop up in your life that you just can't explain. This is how spirit whispers and Lyndsay would like to help you learn how to listen more clearly and see how much guidance and assistance is available to you at all times that you may not be aware of. 

Lyndsay lives  by the premise that everything is a miracle and she wants to help others uncover all of the miracles in their lives - the big and the small. She wants to help you on your own spiritual path learn how to connect in a way that is all your own. She wants to help you quiet that inner voice inside of you that doubts and disbelieves and help you connect the reality of your own power as a spiritual being. 

Are  you ready to take a leap of faith? Embark on the journey to love  deeply, forgive sincerely, and dare greatly? Then give Lyndsay a call or  contact her via email. An exciting new adventure awaits!






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